Why Arbitration

Three main reasons why arbitration is the better alternative to court litigation includes:

oneTo save time
oneTo save money
oneAnd, to increase flexibility to better meet your needs


Lane Arbitration Saves You Time

Arbitration is generally more expeditious than traditional court litigation. A typical employment law case can proceed from complaint to arbitral decision in approximately six months or less, depending on the parties’ need for discovery and hearing. As Ms. Lane devotes her full time to arbitrating cases, parties can expect prompt issuance of a reasonable scheduling order. She is thorough in her review of the evidence, and diligent and timely in the issuance of her decisions. Ms. Lane stays current with state and federal employment and traditional labor law and its trends, such as the impact of ever-changing technology and social media in the workplace.


Lane Arbitration Saves You Money

Cases pursued in civil court can run a tab as high as $50,000 before even completing discovery. Trial preparation and a trial itself can add exponentially to that bottom line before any verdict or resolution is ever reached. Because time is money, arbitration is much more cost effective. Ms. Lane offers a reasonable cost/fee schedule, which is highly competitive with the fees the majority of arbitrators charge on an hourly or daily basis, without the expensive overhead of large firm arbitrators.


Lane Arbitration is Flexible

Arbitration can be a more flexible process than civil court litigation. Ms. Lane is available to hear and decide your case on a binding or non-binding basis. Unless directed otherwise by the parties or their contract, she will follow the rules and the procedures of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) in conducting a hearing or review of the evidence and issuing an opinion and/or award.

Choose Lane Arbitration and you’ll save time, save money, and increase flexibility while achieving a fair result in your employment dispute.